Did the financial crisis save your marriage?

A bad economy tends to keep couples together

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From the September/October 2014 issue of the magazine.

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You’d think divorce rates would spike during tough times, but numerous studies suggest just the opposite: A bad economy tends to keep couples together, possibly because they can’t afford to get divorced. Hard times also teach spouses valuable lessons in fiscal responsibility, according to a recent Experian Consumer Services survey. The result? Couples who married post-crisis are more likely to discuss financial issues—and check each other’s credit scores—than those who married before.



One comment on “Did the financial crisis save your marriage?

  1. I actually benefited in the opportunity of the crash, I saw it coming as I don’t buy into the media and political economic propaganda. I saw the lower interest rates in 2005/6 invert and old school conservative investment books will tell you, if after tax interest rate yields are below inflation for a negative value then the economy is in for a collapse and rough times. So predictably, govmints created money to buy their debt as legitimate lenders stopped lending to lose value after inflation, and it caused the 2007 credit crisis. Govmints ignored the fraud of this, caused 2008…and I was high in cash for the crash. Come Jan-Mar 2009 I recognized the oversold bottom and was buying good stocks cheap. Made off like bandit.

    Debt markets changed in 2005/6 with Bernanke and print money for debt fraud. If like Ron Paul, myself and a minority of real private investors, and some of the few good economists, you saw it coming. And if you did, it was a once in a lifetime gold mine. Think clearly, it has its rewards. But given govmint hasn’t fixed the fundamental fraud economics they do, we could get another round….


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