Keep more cash in your pocket in 2016

Ditching a bad habit can mean big savings

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From the January 2016 issue of the magazine.

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If your 2016 resolution is to ditch a bad habit, here’s a great financial incentive: It will help you save more money.

Powered by caffeine. That daily cup of Starbucks java is setting you back $800 a year.

Cheers? On average, men spend $1,800 per year purchasing alcohol at bars—women, half that.

What a drag! The average smoker spends $2,100 annually on cigarettes.

Anti-brown-baggers. Don’t like packing a lunch for work? That’s costing you $3,500 annually.

2 comments on “Keep more cash in your pocket in 2016

  1. I’d love to read something more original. Can we come up with new ideas to save? Sure ditch the coffee, brown bag it, and no beer for you. Sounds fun doesn’t it? How about make your own beer & wine? Meal plan. Host a potluck dinner. Pay yourself first. If you have looked after bills and ensured you saved for your emergencies & future then get that coffee and enjoy every drop! (But seriously – quit the smokes!)


    • This sort of tidbit follows the similar format of ‘getting fit’ advice – eat healthy food in proper amounts and exercise daily. The reason the advice is always the same is because it works – even if it isn’t new and exciting. While the ‘make your own’ spin from Melanie is interesting she’s also assuming that she’ll be deprived without material goods – that’s not where fun should live. Fun or happiness shouldn’t be attached to material things and a treat like buying Starbucks coffee should be treated as a special variance, not taken for granted as a daily crutch.


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