The Great TFSA Race begins

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Our 2nd annual Great TFSA Race starts now! We’re looking for Canada’s best TFSA investors. Tell us how you’ve invested your Tax-Free Savings Account and how big it is for chance to win an iPad mini. Select participants may also be featured in an upcoming issue of MoneySense magazine. Use the tool below to enter the contest. Good luck!

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3 comments on “The Great TFSA Race begins

  1. The TFSA is such a great tool that I am worried that the government will kill it eventually. What would happen if every investor has $ 100,000 investing room without having to pay taxes on gains? They would go nuts! We are already (Jan. 1) at 36,000, I think they start to worry!


    • Remember that your contribution to the TFSA was already taxed.I know any gains beyond that won’t be but still.And as of Jan1 your limit will be at $36500 not $36000


  2. If they ever got rid of it my thought is they would just prevent anyone from opening a new one, existing open accounts would not be effected in any way.


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