Calculating your CPP payout

This service works better than Service Canada’s tool

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From the September/October 2014 issue of the magazine.

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Trying to figure out how much you’ll get from the Canada Pension Plan when you start getting your payouts? Don’t rely on Service Canada’s official online CPP calculator ( While its estimates are reasonably accurate if you’re close to your CPP start date, its future projections can be way off the mark. That’s because CPP entitlements depend on complex earning patterns which the calculator doesn’t fully reflect. If your average level of earnings continues unchanged right up until you retire, the calculator works fine, but it can get tripped up by major changes. It also doesn’t reflect adjustments for periods of low income due to raising kids. If you need a more accurate projection of future benefits, consider hiring CPP expert Doug Runchey. He runs a website at and his services start at $25.

3 comments on “Calculating your CPP payout

  1. Perhaps some examples of the deficiency would add a little more credibility to this article. As it stands, it appears to be a plug for a buddy to extrude $25 from Money Sense readers.

    A rebuttal (or confirmation) from ServiceCanada would further add to the credibility of the author in provide completeness in the research before publication.


  2. Oh dear! That is a poor excuse for a magazine article. MoneySense what are you thinking. Editor on vacation?


  3. #MikeO3 & #palexanderab, I agree with you that this is a poorly written article that David Aston has tossed out there into the Internet Universe. Unfortunately it does not bode well for Mr. Doug Runchey.
    I have been a client of Mr. Runchey on two occasions as I struggled with the decision as to when best to start taking my CPP. Both times Mr. Runchey responded back to me with thorough answers to my many questions in less than 12hrs.
    The two $25 payments which I made over the 5 month time period that I was pondering this important decision will benefit me with >$200,000 in extra CPP pension over my lifetime when compared to the amount I would have received based on the decision that I would have made (Taking early CPP) without Mr. Runchey’s help.
    Starting to receive CPP is a onetime decision that can not be reversed once you begin. So having Mr. Runchey there to bounce ideas & questions off of was invaluable to me. I now have complete confidence in my decision to wait.
    I only hope that people are not tainted by this article. Mr. Runchey works on the honour system and he will answer your questions in full prior to you sending him a “PayPal” / “Credit Card” payment for $25.
    I haven’t used his recalculation service that he provides to verify that CPP is paying the correct amount but once I start collecting CPP in 8 yrs (I’m 62 now) I will definitely seek his advice once more.
    I stumbled across Mr. Runchey’s service (DR Pensions Consulting) in 2015 via a “Retire Happy” article he wrote which explained in detail how to calculate your actual CPP payments.
    Thank you,
    Lawrence E.,
    Victoria, BC


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