When can you get OAS? That depends



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Wondering when you’ll be eligible for Old Age Security now that the roof has been raised? The answer is not universally 67. If you were born before 1958, you’ll still be eligible at 65, and for those born between 1958 and 1962, it varies. Indeed, it changes bimonthly, so here it is broken down for you. Where do you fall?

OAS/GIS Age of Eligibility by Date of Birth

1958 1959 1960 1961 1962

Month of Birth OAS/GIS Eligibility Age
Jan. 65 65+5m 65+11m 66+5m 66+11m
Feb. – Mar. 65 65+6m 66 66+6m 67
Apr. – May 65+1m 65+7m 66+1m 66+7m 67
June – July 65+2m 65+8m 66+2m 66+8m 67
Aug. – Sept. 65+3m 65+9m 66+3m 66+9m 67
Oct. – Nov. 65+4m 65+10m 66+4m 66+10m 67
Dec. 65+5m 65+11m 66+5m 66+11m 67
Note: m = months.

5 comments on “When can you get OAS? That depends

  1. in the retirement age table, is the retirement date for the Oct-Nov 1961 category incorrect? Shouldn't it be 66 years plus 10 (not 1) months (based on the pattern in the table)?


    • Thanks for pointing that out. It was indeed a typo and has since been corrected.


  2. How does it works for immigrants? I will have been living in Canada for 35 years 5 months at retirement as per the table.


  3. It sucks being born in 1964! Bet by the time I get close to 67 it will be raised again!


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