It’s called retirement for a reason



From the December 2014 issue of the magazine.


Don’t bank on working in retirement even part time to fund your lifestyle—or to provide you with intellectual stimulation. That’s the takeaway message from a new Consumers Report survey of 24,000 U.S. adults aged 55 to 75. While the vast majority of respondents nearing retirement said they expected to continue working in some capacity, only about one-quarter of those who were already retired actually did it. In fact, 83% of retired respondents said they never wanted to work again.

retirement Dec 2014


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2 comments on “It’s called retirement for a reason

  1. This sounds like me. I retired comfortable in October 2014 and my partner continues to work as he is too young. I was thinking that I would volunteer and work part time or casually. However, I have turned down all opportunities as in the end, 40 years of working is enough. For 40 years, every working day was pre-scheduled with meetings, appointments, etc. with the rare day when I was not running around. I have found it wonderful to set my own schedule every day and do what I want rather than what someone else needs or wants. I am not bored and I am intellectually stimulated. I would rather have less money and be free of work. I miss the people but I can still visit when I want to.


  2. I think the secret to a “Happy” retirement is No Mortgage ..Renting can be a deal breaker.. Your.Condo/House ( be it ever so humble )..OWN IT..But if you have the minimum pension coming in and high rent then working may still play a big part in your retirement years ..So to all you younger people still out there doing the 9 to 5 and the “Rush hour” thing…Stop renting ..Begin owning.


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