Top 25 Toronto neighbourhoods to buy in

Hogtown sweet spots where you can find affordable real estate that’ll yield killer returns


4 comments on “Top 25 Toronto neighbourhoods to buy in

  1. These aren’t Toronto neighbourhoods! I thought you were going to talk about INSIDE the city limits. Parkdale, the Annex, the Beach. No, instead I’m looking at Aurora! Come on….


    • Obviously, the authors of this article have never looked at a map. And you didn’t look at any great buys in the west-end like in Weston Village, Pelmo Park or Mount Dennis. With 2 major 400-series highways, the UPX and the proximity to the airport, makes these 3 communities ‘the centre of the universe’. You can get almost anywhere in the GTA within a reasonable amount of time and with the new developments coming in, it’s a buyer’s dream because the prices are still ‘affordable’ and there is plenty of green space with large lots, decent size houses and the Humber valley in our backyards. Epic fail!


  2. Toronto neighbourhoods; Hardly. More than half these places are in the boonies. Aurora, Innisfil. Really?


  3. You should change the name of the article to top 25 GTA neighbourhoods to buy in. Aside from the fact that most of these areas are not in Toronto, they are pretty decent suggestions. Thanks.


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