Best home tips ever

Here are our essential home tips, plus one from a loyal reader.

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One comment on “Best home tips ever

  1. Since we are talking about mortgages and insurance here’s a tip very few people know.
    Check your home insurance and see if it list your mortgage broker on the policy, especially if you paid off the house?
    Very few people including my financial advisor do not know that a paid off mortgage means a minimal 10% reduction in home insurance, some discounts are as high as 25%.
    Note; if you have a line of credit secured by the house you essentially have a mortgage and don’t qualify for the discount.
    I learned this from a broker, having a beer at the campfire one Saturday night, amazing I remembered when my mortgage got paid of this past year and I got the discount immediately.
    PS: I read an article where someone got the discount retroactive back several years after taking the insurance company to task
    I do not know why this insurance discount is not an annual renewal question and highly visible.
    Personally I think the 10% charge is a rip-off in the first place but I don’t make the rules.



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