Simple ways to save on a mortgage

Easy ways to shave money off the total mortgage interest you pay



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Want to shave almost $25,000 off your mortgage? Even little adjustments and small, manageable prepayments can make a big difference when it comes to the interest you pay. Here’s a snapshot of how much interest you can save on a 25-year mortgage just by switching from monthly to accelerated bi-weekly mortgage payments and adding in an extra $1,000 prepayment each year.

Simple ways to save money on your mortgage


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2 comments on “Simple ways to save on a mortgage

  1. The monthly payment amounts in this article are incorrect. Going from monthly to bi-weekly or to accelerated bi-weekly will not decrease the monthly mortgage payment amount. I wrote to Romana King a week ago and no one has responded. The lack of accuracy in this article is disturbing.


    • Hi Dan,
      Not sure where you sent your letter/email to but I did not receive it, but you can reach me at: or by phone at 416-764-1382.
      As for the “lack of accuracy” comment: Calculations for the monthly and biweekly were taken using Dr. Karl’s mortgage calculator. The key to biweekly is the mortgage payee will end up making “extra” scheduled payments, as some months have five weeks and some have four. Since the majority of months within a given year have four weeks, I illustrated the example with the monthly payment on accelerated biweekly payments using a four week month. Hope this helps you understand that there were no inaccuracies in this article.


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