Property values: The coffee indicator

See what these chains mean for your home’s value.

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From the November 2013 issue of the magazine.

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There’s no better barometer for an area’s economic health than your local coffee shop. See what these chains mean for your home’s value.


  • Starbucks

As synonymous with gentrification as organic food stores. Home values have already soared.


  • Hipster indie coffee shop

The first sign of gentrification. Your home’s price is set to take off!


  • Tim Horton’s

You’re either living near a transit hub or in the boonies—not exactly appreciating areas.


  • Coffee Time

Oh dear, a bit like living near Taco Bell. Don’t expect your home to rise in value anytime soon.

One comment on “Property values: The coffee indicator

  1. That’s funny. I’ve always used Starbucks as a gauge to see whether a neighborhood is turning it around. They tend to be one or two years ahead of the curve.


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