A new way to shop U.S. websites

No U.S. mailing address? No problem



Online only.


Have you ever missed out on a great deal online because you didn’t have a U.S. mailing address? Never again: A new service offered by Shipllama allows you to purchase merchandise from any U.S.-only e-store and have it delivered to your door north of the border, with no surprise extra costs. Here’s how it works.

Shop at your favourite U.S. online retailer and use Shipllama’s U.S. location as the shipping address at checkout. Then register your confirmation number and/or tracking number at shipllama.com, so they know what item to expect at their warehouse. Shipllama will then add up all delivery charges including import duties and taxes on the spot. You can even use their online calculator in advance to get a rough estimate of your total cost before making your final buying decision. At that point, Shipllama will deliver it to your door. Still, Shipllama doesn’t facilitate returns, so you’re on your own if you decide to return or exchange the item. Here’s some items you can get shipped to your door from retailers that don’t ship to Canada.


Item: Threshhold accent table (US$89.99)

Shipping cost: CDN$40.25 via Shipllama, including all duties/taxes


Item. Customizable Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Canvas shoe (US$75)

Shipping cost: CDN$44.29 via Shipllama, including all duties/taxes


Item. Cotton shirt dress (US$99)

Shipping cost: CDN$54.18 via Shipllama, including all duties/taxes

3 comments on “A new way to shop U.S. websites

  1. There’s also comGateway, they seem cheaper and they mail all over the world. I don’t think they take care of duty however.


  2. why not setup a mailbox at newyorkmailbox.com or kinekpoint.com and then get it shipped to them. They charge a holding cost per month which is way cheaper than duties and shipping.


  3. Anyone living close to the US border, you can get a US PO Box for cheap/free and pick up your packages when filling your gas tank with cheap US fuel.


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