Women lie, men lie more

Financial infidelity is common in relationships but men are more willing to deceive

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From the April 2015 issue of the magazine.

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Large, secret purchases. Hidden bank accounts. These examples of financial infidelity are far more common in relationships than you might think, according to a national U.S. poll conducted by creditcards.com. The survey estimates that one in five Americans are making purchases of $500 or more without their partner’s knowledge—with about 6% going so far as to maintain secret accounts. Break down these findings by gender and—surprise!—it seems men are the most willing to deceive.

women lie, men lie more


2 comments on “Women lie, men lie more

  1. Since when $500 a large purchase? I would consider a difference of 3% to be substantial and the unreported so called “large” transactions are probably due to the fact that men generally don’t make a big deal out of nothing hence don’t even think of talking about their relatively minor $500 purchases.


    • *not substantial


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