How long will an MRE really last you?

A crate of 12 costs $130

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From the Summer 2016 issue of the magazine.

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A sandwich in a backpack will last a few hours. An apple in your briefcase might last a couple of days. But a military-grade MRE (meal ready to eat) will be as tasty and nourishing in five years as it would be today. But before we talk about why one would pay $130 for a crate of 12 entrees from online retailer, we should clarify what you’re buying. Inside each self-contained pouch is a full three-course meal you can prepare and enjoy anywhere anytime. Sample menu: Chili with beans, fried rice, lemon poppy-seed loaf, crackers, jam and lemon-lime beverage. Gourmet? Not so much. But it’s not bad either. And you do get a serving-sized pouch of Tabasco as well as a nifty flameless ration heater that warm your entree in 10 minutes. It’s the kind of science in action that will impress kids on a camping trip. But let’s be real: This is for when the zombies come. If basic daily sustenance becomes the new global currency, your leftover lemon cakes will be worth their weight in gold.


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