Inspect your gadget

A new website makes it easier to compare electronics.



From the Summer 2012 issue of the magazine.


Looking for the perfect flatscreen with all the right bells and whistles? Save yourself hours of research by visiting the website Sortable ( The Waterloo, Ont.-based site quickly ranks all major electronic products (be it a TV, laptop, camera, tablet or phone) to meet your personal criteria based on price, brand and reviews. You just click on the factors you’re looking for—say, certain technical specs or models with the best user ratings on—and the site sifts through data to tell you which models are best for you.

According to Nathaniel Payne, a former electronics buyer and instructor at the B.C. Institute of Technology, Sortable takes the anxiety out of major electronics purchases. “Plus it saves you from having to grab all of the flyers and compare.”

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  1. It is indeed a great website to compare and get the best deal if ever you are buying a certain kind of gadgets such as iPad, television and so on.


    • Yes, I Agree with you that it is a great website and best for deals.


  2. ( is really a great website. Yet I've found this website is totally handy for getting any kind of deserving electronic products. I hope this website will able to keep up their reputation. Thanks dude.


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