The best price to pay for ice skates

Cap your skate fund at $100—unless you’re an athlete



From the January 2016 issue of the magazine.


Ice skates

Here's the right price to pay for skates
Shake off the winter blues by going outside and skating. Look for skates around $100. Unless you’re an athlete, there’s no need to spend more. But spend less and you’ll get a lower-quality steel, vinyl material and hard-to-do-up laces. “A good skate feels like there’s a lot of support, but there’s still flexibility,”says Donna King, skating programs advisor with Skate Canada. To get a skate that doesn’t feel like your foot is stuck in a “cast with no give,” stay away from plastic-moulding. Look for figure skates made out of leather and hockey skates made of higher-tech nylon materials.

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