The best water bottle you’ll ever buy

Is the Klean Kanteen worth it? We put it to the test

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From the April 2016 issue of the magazine.

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“OMG! Can I tell you that this water bottle is the best?” That’s what the clerk at the counter told me as I shelled out $40 for a 12-inch stainless steel torpedo in turquoise blue. I would hear the same thing from strangers, co-workers and my mother’s golf partner. Why do people care this much about what is essentially a very expensive Thermos? For good reason: North Americans use more than 58 billion paper cups a year (128 per person) and throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles annually. A sturdy drinking container that keeps water cold for 24 hours and coffee steaming all day can inspire cult-like devotion. It also needs to be able to withstand a beating. We tested several, not just against their thermodynamic claims (they all passed) but also for durability and design. Our favourite: the vacuum-insulated Klean Kanteen bottle ($35 for 590 mL; Its tough stainless steel won’t impart flavours when transporting an icy drink to the gym or piping-hot tea to the office. And unlike the old glass-walled Thermos your dad carried to the hockey rink, this one bounces just fine from a metre drop.

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  1. North Americans probably also throw away a billion reusable water bottles a year too, that’s 2 per person.

    The problem with tin bottles is that the paint chips. The function of the bottle often last forever, but people would replace it when it doesn’t look pretty anymore. Unpainted ones get dent. From what I see in the gym, people replace tin bottles about twice a year.

    I also find tin bottle hard to use as a woman, and as someone with mild arthritis. One must twist the lid very tightly because metal has no give, it’s all in the sealant. It’s hard work every time you take a sip. Plastic bottles with flip top is far easier for me.

    I highly recommend the Rubbermaid Chug bottle if you’re only carrying water. I’ve used mine for over 6 years. The indentation is great design, makes it easier to hold for women’s smaller hands and it doesn’t roll away when it is dropped. It is the understated design element only designers notice.


  2. Is it dishwasher safe?


    • Hi Jenny, no unfortunately it’s not dishwasher safe. Hope that helps. Thanks for reading!


  3. At $40 that is too expensive for me.
    For use at work I purchased a $10 stainless bottle from Can Tire. Works just fine for having water handy to wash down those ill-tasting long meetings and can be carried about without spilling like a mug.


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