The perfect price to pay for a lawnmower

Get the mower that’ll get the job done at the right price so you can go on enjoying summer.



From the June 2013 issue of the magazine.


Low end: $170

High end: $1,100

Perfect price: $375

Must-have features for gas-powered mowers include adjustable wheel bases for cutting grass of varying lengths, and mulching and bagging capabilities, says Alan Pinsonneault of the Professional Lawn Care Association of Ontario. For hilly jobs, get a self-propelled machine. “A lower noise-level muffler would also be nice,” he says.

3 comments on “The perfect price to pay for a lawnmower

  1. Disagree totally! I recently bought a $169 "plain jane" mower. 3 1/2 hp B&S motor. No gass catcher, and wheels you adjust by repositioning axle bolts. Have a similar one at cottage over 20y old and starts on first pull. I mow every 5 d so don't need wheels adjusted or clippings caught. Mower is light and very manouverable . The more complicated, the more there is to go wrong. KISS


  2. What about corded electric? What about cordless electric?
    They just let ANYONE write articles nowadays?


  3. A little note on an electric mower's required extension cord would be helpful. I understand most people buy an on-sale cord without checking the mower's user guide. This can lead to buying a 16 when a 14 or 12 is best. Also, why not buy the cord for your other electric tools? Again, a 14 or 12 is better.


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