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Stephen Baldwin wants your money

Bankrupt actor asking fans for donations.


Looking for a new way to make a living? Try what Stephen Baldwin’s doing.

The actor, born-again Christian and youngest of the famous Baldwin clan, has set up a hilarious website, called Restore Stephen Baldwin, to — that’s right — restore Stephen Baldwin to his former, wealthy self.

The actor is soliciting donations from people to, presumably, live the lifestyle he lost when he filed for bankruptcy last year. The website is pretty unbelievable. It claims his new found love of Jesus resulted in less acting gigs; the website says he lost 70% of his income after he started proselytizing around the country.

The site, and this amazing video (see below), uses Christian themes — he compares himself to Job — to justify this donation campaign. The suggested donation amount is $4.21, which the site says is because “Job 42:10-11 is the model and inspiration for this movement.”

According to this must-read Q&A, “100% goes directly into his bank account through online gifting.”