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Top 100 Canadian dividend stocks

MoneySense has graded Canada’s Top 100 dividend stocks to find your bet bets to retire on


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We graded Canada’s top 100 dividend stocks to find your best bets to retire on. Our top picks from last year gained an incredible 48.8%

If you can read a report card, you can read our top 100 table. We graded stocks based on yield (how much they pay out), reliability (how safe is the payout), and value (lots of assets at a low price).

Use our grades as a starting point for your own research. Like any investment screen, the Retirement 100 is intended to help you hit upon a few good ideas that may deserve a place in your investment portfolio.

How to use our tables

Our Retirement 100 list is interactive and easy to use. Sort the stocks by any one of 12 financial ratios and performance figures simply by clicking on the respective column name. To reverse the order, simply click the column name again.

To load a profile page with all of our information about an income investment, click the stock or trust name. Create custom lists with ratios you select. Download the lists into a convenient spreadsheet.