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Canadians love timbits, hockey and … debt

Debt grew about $1000/Canadian compared with same time last year


25.12 million Canadians use credit in some way, about 400, 000 more than last year.

Canadians carry an average debt of $25, 597 – and that’s excluding mortgages, according to a TransUnion report that studied the anonymous files of all Canadians who have a credit card.  The first quarter of 2010 saw our debt load at $24, 497. That means it grew by 4.5% on average.

The biggest increases were seen in Quebec and Newfoundland where debt rose by 7.8%.

The main culprit for debt was Lines of Credit, although Canadians seem to be paying them back as delinquency rates sank 10% from last year to just 0.21%.

The first quarter of 2011 saw credit card debt fall 4% from the last quarter of 2010, likely due to the January doldrums occurring right after the holiday season’s shopping sprees.

The report calls their findings “typically Canadian”.