CIBC ranked No. 1 in mobile banking customer service survey

CIBC ranked No. 1 in mobile banking customer service

See where the rest of the Big Five banks rank

(Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

(Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

CIBC has come in first in a Canadian ranking of customer service in mobile banking. The bank topped the ranking based on its customizable experience, a feature to enable customers to book meetings and for its fingerprint ID security.

In its 2017 Mobile Banking scorCard Review, Surviscor surveyed the banks with 2,500 usage-related questions to find which mobile banking experience Canadians prefer.

Top 10 banks

Rank Bank Grade
1 CIBC 91%
2 National Bank 88%
3 Scotiabank 85%
4 Tangerine 75%
5 Desjardins 69%
6 PC Financial 67%
7 RBC Royal Bank 62%
8 Coast Capital Savings 58%
9 Meridian Credit Union 56%
10 ATB Financial 51%

“With CIBC, everything they do, they tend to do very well,” says Glenn Lacoste, President and CEO of Surviscor. “When they do something, they give you a lot of customization options, things like interactive centres where you can change your password—you’d be surprised how many banks still make you go online to do that.”

Other top ranking banks included National Bank (2nd) and Scotiabank (3rd), for debit card management capabilities and e-receipts, respectively. TD and BMO failed to make it into the top 10, with Surviscor citing many smaller banks and credit union like Meridian as providing a better mobile experience.

Lacoste is quick to point out several features that many institutions seem to be pursuing. “Account opening is one that many banks are now looking into,” he says. “If you’re already signed in and you’re in a secure environment, it’s literally a matter of minutes and boom you see your new account sitting there.”

Beyond emerging trends, Lacoste is clear that the ranking is intended to acknowledge banks that are making innovation a priority. “One of the key things I think that’s important to note is that the top five have more ‘things’ to offer,” he says.

“The people near the bottom have all core transactions covered, but may not have the extra things that other people are offering, like budgeting tools.”