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5 easy ways to save money at school

Start paying off those loans now


how to save money

1. No meal plan? No problem

Put the money you would have spent onto a prepaid credit card so you decide whether
to spend $7 on cold chicken fingers in the caf or cold cuts and buns at the grocery store

2. Buy last year’s books

It’s no secret: Used books are cheaper than new ones. But buying books one edition out are an even better deal. Check with your instructors to make sure you’re not missing key information

3. Apply for scholarships

Recent figures suggest as much as $15 million in Canadian bursaries goes unclaimed each year. Find them and apply. Sometimes a half-page letter is all you need to earn $500 or more

4. Fly high with discounts

Many places on or near campus offer discounts for students. And many off-campus too. Air Canada offers its Student Pass, which gives students six pre-paid flights at a reduced price, so they can visit home through the year

5. Start paying student loans now

Got a part-time job? You can start paying the interest on your student loans while you’re still in school. Even $100 a month will save you thousands down the road