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How credit counsellors help

Your debts should never take over your life. All you have to do is ask for help.


If you’ve ever been caught in cash crunch you know how hard it can be to dig yourself out of trouble. Debts take over your life, bills pile up and then the phone starts to ring as collection agencies circle overhead. No one wants to be in this position, but there is a way out with the help of non-profit credit cousellors. They can really make a difference. They will teach you how to budget, provide basic credit counselling and talk you through your options in terms of negotiating with your creditors.

Basic services like counselling and debt management workshops are low cost—or in some cases no cost—and the money they can save you is more than worth your time. The hardest part is asking for help. Bruce Sellery walks you through the different services available and explains how they work.

Links to some non-profit credit counseling agencies

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