Air Miles expands points donation program

Air Miles expands points donation program

Get a charitable receipt for donating used points


Air Miles collectors can now donate their points to tens of thousands of charities in Canada and get a tax receipt for it.

As of Friday, the rewards program extended its list of participating charities from five to 86,000 registered charities. Air Miles Cash collectors can browse the list of charities at, click to get a donation code and spread cash-equivalent miles across any number of charities in increments of at least $10.

“Air Miles’ new charitable program provides an innovative new way for Canadians to make a difference,” Karen Shaver, interim President and CEO at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, said in a press release.

With a charitable receipt, Canadians can claim a 15% tax credit on donations under $200 and 29% on larger gifts. Credits jump to 40% and 54% for first-time donors giving between $200 and $1,000.

Air Miles competitor Aeroplan also allows collections to donate points to 510 active charities in either lump sums or on a regular basis by donating 2% of all miles at time of accumulation. Members can also donate miles to via Aeroplan’s Charitable Pooling Program that allows members to use miles to support individuals, families or local grass roots charities in need.