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Collectibles that’ll make you a fortune

Collectors are banking on one-of-a kind novelty items, like that unexploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7, to rise in value


Here’s a few items that are worth collecting now and could become tomorrow’s valuable treasures

1. Art deco items

art deco collectible
Vases, figurines and statues from the first half of the 20th century. Cost? $1,000+

2. Apple II & III computers

apple computer collectibles
They’ve retained value better than old PCs. Cost? $100–$1,000

3. Used “Hippie” dresses

collectibles dresses
A way to cash in on the hipster trends. Cost? $100+(depending on the designer)

4. Toys

collectibles major matt mason
Vintage talking Barbies or Major Matt Mason dolls. Cost? $300–$1,500

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