Why you should top up your TFSA with taxable money

Why you should top up your TFSA

Over 30 years, even a 1% tax savings makes a huge impact


It’s not uncommon for people with unused space in their tax-free savings account or RRSP room to hold non-registered investments simultaneously. While you could make a case for not maxing out your RRSP, it’s tough to justify leaving room in your TFSA if you have the savings available. (One exception might be if you have non-registered investments with accrued capital gains that will trigger a large tax liability if you sell or transfer the investments.) Here’s what could happen if you move your non-registered savings into a TFSA and limit the amount of taxable income you’re earning.

$10,000 in a TFSA would grow to $43,219 over 30 years

This article was first published January 2016


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