So your partner hasn't filed taxes

So your partner hasn’t filed taxes

The CRA won’t come after you but you should question partner’s habits



Q: I recently signed a lease with my boyfriend for one year, but he has not filed his personal and business taxes for three years. I would like to know how that will affect me if he ends up owing money. Will the Canada Revenue Agency come after me?—M.C., Calgary

A: The CRA won’t come after you because you signed a lease with your boyfriend. But don’t take too big a sigh of relief.

Under certain circumstances the CRA can collect a person’s tax debt against a third party, “when a financial benefit has been given to the third party by the taxpayer,” says spokesperson Philippe Brideau. For example, the transfer of an asset like land, vehicles, cash or gifts could be considered a benefit. Google “Tax collection policies and CRA” for more details.

But I think there is a bigger question here: Are you willing to be with someone who hasn’t paid his taxes? Is this just a blip? Or is it just a symptom of how he manages his money? If it’s the latter, is that a deal breaker for you?