The lowdown on the new Costco credit card

The lowdown on the new Costco credit card

It’s better than the old Amex Costco card but not as good as other MasterCards


When Costco Canada dumped AMEX in favour of MasterCard, the tension among diehard Costco fans was palpable—would the new card measure up? MoneySense is happy to report that it does. We put the new Capital One Platinum MasterCard through our rigorous credit card test and found that its sign-up bonus made it better than the old AMEX. You can do even better though: We found that shoppers who use the Capital One Aspire Travel World MasterCard will get even higher rewards.

Annual rewards (after fees)

We assume spending of $2,000 a month with the sign-up bonus annualized over five years.


Capital One Platinum MasterCard (exclusively for Costco members)

$309.60 cash-back after fees

Aspire World

Capital One Aspire World Travel MasterCard (can be used at Costco)

$350 cash-back after fees

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