Best Schools: Quebec ecoles secondaires

Best Schools: Quebec ecoles secondaires

Best schools (Getty Images/Maskot)

Best schools (Getty Images/Maskot)

Best schools in Quebec: Ecoles secondaires list

This list is based on the Fraser Report rankings as well as the Best Places to Live rankings.

I’ve taken the top five cities in Quebec, based on Best Places to Live rankings, and listed the best schools based on the Fraser Report rankings. I’ve only listed schools that obtained a rating of 6.0 or more, with the average rating for schools set at 6.0.

Just a note: Fraser Institute only rates ecoles secondaires for Quebec. 

Provincial Rank Ranking in Best Places to Live City & Ranking Ecoles Secondaires RATING (most recent year)
No. 1 in Quebec #1. Boucherville, PQ De Mortagne 6
No. 2 in Quebec #5. Blainville, PQ
No. 3 in Quebec #8. Levis, PQ Juvenat Notre-Dame du Saint Laurent 8.9
#8. Levis, PQ Levis 8.9
Marcelle-Mallett 7.1
No. 4 in Quebec #10. Quebec, PQ Jesus Marie de Sillery 9.4
#10. Quebec, PQ Cardinal-Roy 8.7
#10. Quebec, PQ Externat Saint Jean Eudes 8.5
#10. Quebec, PQ des Peres Maristes 8.3
#10. Quebec, PQ Le petit Seminaire de Quebec 8.2
#10. Quebec, PQ Saint-Louis 7.9
#10. Quebec, PQ St. Patrick 7.9
#10. Quebec, PQ Saint-Charles-Garnier 7.8
#10. Quebec, PQ Francois-Bourrin 7.4
#10. Quebec, PQ De Rochebelle 7
#10. Quebec, PQ L’Eau-Vive 6.8
#10. Quebec, PQ de Champigny 6.7
#10. Quebec, PQ de la Seigneurie 6.4
#10. Quebec, PQ Quebec 6.2
#10. Quebec, PQ Saint-Pierre et des Sentiers 6.1
No. 5 in Quebec #14. Brossard, PQ

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