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Where to buy real estate in 2019: Langley, B.C.

No. 1 Aldergrove boasts a waterpark-like community play space—plus, homes are more than 60% cheaper than the Greater Vancouver Area average.


The city of Langley offers families and first-time buyers a chance to buy into a community with a manageable commute to the Lower Mainland. 


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Rank Neighbourhood Area Average home price (2017) Value Momentum Average price vs. area Avg. price vs. metro district Avg. price vs. outer region 1-year price change 5-year price change Final Star Rating
1 Aldergrove Langley Langley $758,040 100 75 65.8% 72.60% 38.3% 18.98% 75.5% ★★★★
2 Brookswood Langley Langley $981,605 42.86 89.29 105.1% 116.00% 61.3% 10.17% 120.1% ★★★★
3 Langley City Langley $1,003,394 71.43 57.14 104.5% 83.60% 44.1% 13.01% 75.3% ★★★★
4 Walnut Grove Langley $970,589 78.57 46.43 82.4% 91.00% 48.0% 9.57% 70.4% ★★★★
5 Willoughby Heights Langley $1,277,209 14.29 89.29 116.4% 128.40% 67.8% 28.06% 106.0% ★★★★
6 Fort Langley Langley $1,663,614 28.57 25 111.2% 122.70% 64.8% -15.27% 69.0% ★★★½
7 Murrayville Langley $1,139,224 64.29 17.86 93.0% 102.60% 54.2% 4.53% 51.5% ★★★½
Measures how affordable the neighbourhood is compared to the surrounding area and the region overall
Measures how quickly prices are appreciating in this neighbourhood, with an emphasis on long term appreciation

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Top 3 neighbourhoods to buy

1. Aldergrove

In the past, Aldergrove was a bedroom community—a neighbourhood where families made a home, but commuted by car in and out for their daily work and play lives.

But that’s changed over the last five years or so. In an effort to shed its former industrial image, Aldergrove built a new civic centre complete with an ice rink, community centre and pool—but not just any pool; it’s more like a waterpark-like play space. With an awesome castle-like structure surrounded by water cannons, a splash pad and three pools, it’s become a go-to destination not just for Aldergrove residents but for families as far away as Abbotsford and North Vancouver.

When you add this to the investment made to update Aldergrove’s commercial sector and the addition of one of the Lower Mainland’s largest car shows, suddenly Aldergrove is taking up space as one of the must-see tourist spots.

For residents, this translates into new money coming into the area, and new interest from home buyers and developers. It also means that the average home price, sitting just above $758,000, is almost a steal. When compared to Langley house price, Aldergrove is almost 35% cheaper; when compared to Fraser Valley, it’s more than 27% cheaper; and when compared to the Greater Vancouver average, Aldergrove’s average house prices are more than 60% cheaper.

2. Brookswood

Ranked No. 1 in our 2017 Where to Buy Real Estate Now report, Brookswood has been nudged down a spot: Aldergrove’s value just can’t be beat!

Still, the neighbourhood is a well sought-after community, particularly for families. Homes sit on large lots, and the area boasts loads of mature trees and well-tended gardens. Plus, there are some major developments in the works—and despite the backlash on developing land, that typically means an increase in property values. Right now, there is a multi-family housing complex planned for the community and investments earmarked to help re-develop the area’s commercial space along 200 Street.

The average price for houses in Brookswood in 2018, was just over $981,600; that’s almost 40% less than the average Greater Vancouver house price, although 5% more than the average housing price of homes in surrounding communities and 16% higher than the average house price in Langley.

3. Langley City

Two years ago, Langley City ranked No. 6 in our Where to Buy Real Estate report. A few years later, it’s moved up the list primarily because of what it offers to home buyers.

While the average house price in Langley City is 4.5% higher  than the average in surrounding communities, this neighbourhood has exceptional access to public transit, biking, hiking and walking trails, as well as urban amenities.

The real draw, however, is that potential future appreciation is considered to be quite strong, given the major infrastructure plans for this area. In April 2019, Translink, the public transit service that connects Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, released its forthcoming plans to expand the SkyTrain service. The proposed 16-kilometre expansion would see the addition of SkyTrain stops between Surrey and Langley City. This will be huge for the neighbourhood. Being connected through public transit, the community will become a sought-after spot for commuters to downtown Vancouver and not just families who work in close proximity.

Another development that will positively impact Langley City is the expansion of Highway 1. The B.C. provincial government recently announced that infrastructure dollars from the city, province and from the federal government will pay for a widening project along 10 kilometres of the Trans-Canada Highway. The update will add a new high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane in each direction. This will further help make this neighbourhood a go-to for commuters to downtown Vancouver.