Is there a recall notice on my used car?

How to know if there’s a recall notice on a used car

Ontario’s new inspection changes are lacking


Q: “In July, Ontario will introduce safety inspection changes that are required when a used vehicle is sold, but it still won’t include a requirement that the mechanic check for recall notices and notify the new owner if their car has an open safety recall. How come?” 

—Mark Whinton, St. George, ON.

A: The provinces and federal government need to coordinate better when it comes to recall performance. Currently, neither the auto dealers nor the manufacturers treat your concern as a priority, in part because they view the chance of a successful lawsuit in Canada as only a remote possibility. Until more is done, a used car buyer should register as the owner of record with the automaker shortly after taking ownership of their new-to-them used vehicle. And if you move, provide the automaker with your new address.

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