What are Green Tire levies and other charges?

What are Green Tire levies and other charges?

Don’t know what all those tire levies are for? We have the answer


Q: “While shopping for a new car a dealer added $50 as a tire and battery levy and another asked for a Green Tire Levy of $130. What are these charges?”

—A. Ftaya, Vancouver

A: Several provinces, including B.C., impose a small charge of $3 to $5 on each new tire purchase to assist with the cost of recycling the old tires. This same amount is collected when you buy a new vehicle because the car is delivered with new tires; it also applies to the spare if the vehicle comes with one. Any amount above this charge is gravy for the dealer—and misrepresented as an environmental charge. By the way, the battery levy was dropped years ago in British Columbia and shouldn’t be charged.

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