What to do when old safety recall problems reoccur

What to do when old safety recall problems reoccur

Truth is, most dealers won’t be able to make the repair a second time for free


2015 Honda Civic Sedan SEQ: “In 2009 there was a safety recall concerning the suspension’s rear trailing arms of the Hyundai 2003 Santa Fe. Recently one of the trailing arms of my father-in-law’s 2003 Santa Fe failed due to corrosion, and the coil spring punched right through it. Will Hyundai fix this now?”—Steve K, Ottawa

A: This is an old recall; it’s possible the repair was already performed years ago, perhaps badly, and that the recent failure is a second occurrence of the problem. The dealer will now be unable to get reimbursed by Hyundai for redoing the work. Instead, send a letter to Hyundai Canada and contact the defects investigation branch at Transport Canada (Tel: 1-800-333-0510). Provide photos, if possible, and attach a written description or estimate from your dealer. Still no satisfaction? The Automobile Protection Association may be able to help.

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