When is it time for a rust repair?

When is it time for a rust repair?

Now’s a good time to check the legal warranty for that rust repair, before corrosion sets it


Q: “My 2008 Taurus had paint blistering and rust, but the dealer declined to repair the damage because there were no holes. Six months after the five-year warranty ended the rust perforated the wheel opening—and the dealer is still not willing to help. Am I stuck with a rusted out-of-warranty Ford Taurus?”

B. Michael, Montreal

A: Postponing a cheaper surface corrosion repair until there’s an actual hole usually works against the vehicle owner. For significant corrosion problems that occur after the end of the manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll need to rely on the legal warranty applicable to defective products in your province. These “implied warranties” can usually be found on the provincial consumer ministry website.

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