Second careers with big paycheques

Most of these careers don’t even require advanced degrees

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From the June 2016 issue of the magazine.

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If middle age has snuck up on you and your job isn’t panning out the way you’d hoped, retraining to get a competitive edge in the shifting employment landscape is always an option. Workopolis has compiled a list of high-paying occupations (projected by Service Canada and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) that show a lot of growth. Perhaps best of all, most of these careers don’t require advanced degrees.

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2 comments on “Second careers with big paycheques

  1. Im not sure what qualifies as an “advance degree” but I know that to become an Occupational Therapist you need a Masters Degree in addition to passing all required liscencing examinations. Thats 2 years full time studies (at an average 15k per year tuition) in addition to a qualifying undergraduate degree…. perhaps not a second career for most.


    • I agree Cam. Thanks for posting. Occupational therapy is a wonderful profession, but has strict entrance requirements and requirements to practice. I love being an OT but feel frustrated by how it is often misrepresented, as an easy second choice.


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