Canadians, take the Panama Papers quiz!

Test your knowledge on what’s legit and what’s not



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The dirty details of the Panama Papers leak were released today, meaning you could look through a database and search the names and addresses of thousands of people involved in the massive offshore tax scandal. Included in the database are the names of 625 Canadians who are caught up in the leak. Most people know that there are wealthy folks who hide money in offshore bank accounts, yet we were all still shocked when the Panama Papers showed just how many people are trying to avoid paying taxes. The leak revealed that leading politicians, including sitting prime ministers, rich individuals and others were stashing money in countries where tax isn’t collected and where companies can hide details around who really owns what accounts. Stories like these give offshore accounts a bad name when, in fact, most people have no idea what they’re really all about. Do you? Test your knowledge with this true or false quiz.

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