Money and gender

TD asks if women in relationships are sufficiently involved in planning for their long-term financial future?



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  • When it comes to family finances, women are more likely to handle the day-to-day expenses while men are more likely to invest for the future, the 12th annual TD Women Investor Poll has found. For example, only 32% of women in a couple responsible for managing investments compared to 49% of men. Similar imbalances are seen for dealing with financial professionals and planning for retirement. Women are however more involved than men in household budgeting and spending (49% vs. 24%) and paying bills (58% vs.49% ). For more, checkout the bank’s snapshot of the findings.
  • Man or woman, we’re all human and most of us are guilty of making an emotional investment decision at least once, a new BMO study has found. Check out our infographic for more details.
  • Windsor, Ont. has been named the most affordable housing market in Canada for “aspirational” buyers by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. The firm ranked prices across Canada for a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home and found the border town fared best with a $170,991 average price tag, followed by Rimbey, Alta. and Welland, Ont. The worst place to buy a large home is Vancouver where prices average $1,876,414. Check out MoneySense’s Best deals in real estate photo gallery for more affordable places to buy.
  • Canada is the only country of 10 surveyed by human resources firm Mercer where workers would pass on a slight pay increase and instead opt for a week of extra vacation time if given the choice. Read Making Smart Benefit Choices for more interesting facts.

4 comments on “Money and gender

  1. Women are generally more worried about debt then men.


  2. Yes woman may tend to be more worried about debt , but in long run what is better being debt free or carrying loads of debt around with you and worrying yourself to the grave?


  3. It's imperative that both spouces understand all money topics including debt, budgeting, investing, etc and be involved in all big decisions. One can be better than the other at recording expenses or researching investment products, but both need to know all the basics. This way you both will understand what it will take to build weath and prosper.


  4. Welland is the 3rd cheapest place to buy a house! Guess thats why I grew up there! And why I plan to buy there, and not my current city of Toronto!


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