Real retirement

The vast majority of Canadians expect to work in retirement. Do you?



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  • Roughly 80% of Canadians expect to work in some capacity beyond the age of 65 with nearly 40%  likely to start their own business in retirement, according to a new survey for BMO. The top reasons for doing so include the need for extra cash, a desire to stay sharp and pleasure. Almost half of would-be entrepreneurs said they’d consider using a portion of their retirement savings to kick-start the business. “While it may be tempting to draw on retirement savings to fund your post-retirement business, there are other options available,” said Steve Murphy, head of commercial banking for BMO. Other sources could include a separate savings account, a loan, venture capital or an inheritance.

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  1. I think that it as good idea to work in some capacity after you have retired – If i have it my way i will be looking at working ,maybe working my own business, I have a few years to go yet , but i am planning for this really as we speak


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