Best Places for New Canadians 2016

Based on rent affordability, employment rates and more


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2 comments on “Best Places for New Canadians 2016

  1. I think you need to consider poverty rates and what those jobs are – in Moncton most jobs are minimum wage and part time. NB poverty rate, those living below the poverty line, is 50 plus %. And then we have the ongoing language wars created by politicians resulting in non french speaking finding it very hard to find work. In Moncton and in New Brunswick, Language is more important than skills, and the reality is that on 29% of population speak french. As well, unemployment rates are not accurate, you can double them in NB, and maybe even triple them. This province is hurting, and many are leaving due to very low wages, few opportunities, highest tax rate in Canada, a functional illiteracy rate of more than 50% (70%) and to much politically created cultural conflict. And the entire province is controlled by one family, the Irvings. Because of this, big corporations do not come to NB. This is the reality.


  2. My dream is to live, work, do business and raise my family in Canada however, I do not have any family ties in Canada and as such I really need some help in accomplishing my dream. I a police officer in Jamaica and I also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management and majors in Hotel & Resort Management.


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