The Best Place to Live in Ontario

This city also wins the top spot as best in Canada



From the Summer 2016 issue of the magazine.

    best place to live

    Amanda, Todd and their dogs in Ottawa’s Byward Market (Photograph by Blair Gable)


    best place to liveWhen Amanda Geller went looking for a new job in Ottawa’s tech sector it didn’t take long for her to generate leads. Five companies reached out to her before she settled on a new role at Firstlook Media Solutions, which builds websites for realtors. Between the city’s well-paying bureaucratic roles and its hot tech sector there are plenty of high-paying jobs to go around. Being able to quickly land a high-paying job is an important factor MoneySense considers when evaluating cities and it’s just one reason Ottawa takes the top spot as this year’s Best Place to Live in Canada.

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    Aside from a strong economy and high income, Ottawa also earns high marks being pedestrian- and transit-friendly. “There is not a lot of traffic in comparison to bigger cities like Toronto and Montreal,” says Geller. “We’re 10 minutes from downtown and pretty close to everything, even if we didn’t have a car.” She and her fiancé Todd Davies spend their weekends walking the shops and restaurants of ByWard Market or taking their dogs to the newly revitalized Lansdowne Park, a 40-acre historic sports, exhibition and entertainment facility. Come 2018, those areas will feel even closer; that’s when the city’s new light-rail transit line is due to open.

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    Ottawa photo credit: (Courtesy of Ottawa Tourism)


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      6 comments on “The Best Place to Live in Ontario

      1. Peterborough is the best place to live in Canada, cheap houses, more art more music and more nature than any of the places on this dumb list


      2. I would never suggest living in Ottawa, the city is too dependent on the public sector. Attempts are made to diversify the economy, but its hard to increase the Business sector. There will be more public sector job losses in the years to come as the country will face more debt and a stagnant economy and that will hurt Ottawa. For now the stats may be correct, but things can change quickly. For example they were suggesting that Calgary and Edmonton were the best places to live then a year later the commodity boom crashed, if I was foolish enough to listen to there suggestions I would be in big financial trouble right now.


      3. Never move to a place that relies on government jobs to prosper.


      4. Hi, how you guys been? I saw in many reports and magazines that Canada is among the best places in the world to live.
        You who live or were born there … Is it correct what is said about the country?
        I wait for your answers. Have a nice day! :)


        • Depends. If I had 20 million, NY NY is a grand place. But if I only had 4K, Sweden has plenty of social programs. If you like hockey, it’s a great place.


      5. You must be kidding me right, Ottawa is outrageously expensive if you don’t have a government job, or a high paying job in this city forget it. People are rude, crude, and greedy. I don’t know who pays you to write this article, but you are totally wrong. People have to live with complete strangers in order to be able to live in this city, I am a professional unable to find a job in my field according to Ottawa, my degree in Mediation, and Foreign Affairs are not good enough to find a job. If I don’t have a uncle, daddy, aunty working for the government to get me in, I cannot find a job base on my merits, experiences, and education. This is really wrong making false advertising, and this something that Ottawa is good at doing, people who have the financial means could enjoy the city, but if you don’t forget it. This city has the highest rates of homelessness, poverty, high cost of living compare most of the other cities in the country. Ottawa has nothing good about it for a non Ottawans, for those who were born here, is a very different thing.


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