Canada’s Best Places to Raise Kids 2016

Based on daycare costs and more


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5 comments on “Canada’s Best Places to Raise Kids 2016

  1. This list definitely tells you something when the most places (out of 10) belong to province of Quebec . Time to learn French and move on


  2. Antigonish, Nova Scotia should be in the top 10. quality of life, culture, great medical care, climate, proximity to international airport


  3. Only someone who has never lived in Quebec would tell someone to move there. What happened to Money Sense? They never used to be such blatant shills for Quebec and Ontario.


    • What do you mean Reggie? I’m planning to move to Quebec, Is there good a good place to Raise kids?


      • Don’t move here…Unless you are perfectly bilingual…Rent is cheap yah…daycare is affordable but without french you’re gonna be stuck working in a call center which some only require English. Schooling is also cheap compare to the other provinces once you have your Quebec Selection paper which makes you a resident of Quebec. most people are doing school then move because Quebec makes it so hard to live here without french. so… do your research!


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