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Resolutions are tough to keep but MoneySense is here to help. Think of us as your money coach or trainer and our #MoneyFit Club as your personal gym.

Learn to tone your money muscles all year long. Each month, our interactive calendar will be there with tips and resources you need to get in the best financial shape of your life. Look to the Money Fit calendar to meet these financial challenges:

  • Curb spending
  • Boost your earnings
  • Bulk up your TFSA
  • Lower your taxes
  • Maximize your home value
  • Build the perfect your portfolio
  • Save money with the best deals
  • Buy quality when you buy what you love

Start your journey with our January calendar (or see what the year has in store with our year-long overview) and sign up for our weekly #MoneyFit Club newsletter to get tips and advice straight to your inbox each week.

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Check out our April calendar:

April Money Fit Calendar


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7 comments on “Get money fit in 2016 

  1. I have helped people with their real estate and mortgage needs for over 22 years now, yet my own financial picture I constantly avoid working on or following the same advice I give to others. 2016 will be a banner year for me because I am going to focus on getting my own financial house in order, probably with a lot of advice from articles I read here on moneysense too!


  2. Now that I have retired I need to learn/figure out the best way to use my savings/investments..the gathering is done now I need to know how to ungather it..


  3. Looking forward to 20 years of work ahead before retirement. I have put in 20 years of work so far and done okay by almost paying off the mortgage and following “Wealthy Barber” at least half the way. Part of it involved by avoiding expensive trips to Mexico/ Cuba/ Cruises and paying off debts.
    Now, I want to learn how to get best value for my pennies and enjoy life. How to get best deals for new car, learning more about couch potato portfolio and concentrate more on my work rather than worrying about market. How to keep track of my credit score without paying a bundle. How to learn about the world without going bankrupt….


  4. We’re semi-retired, so I’m looking for advice for selecting investments and preparing for RRIF’s


  5. I’very signed up about 5 timessage but nothing has arrived yet.


    • Hi Alan,
      Did you receive a newsletter this weekend? Let me know if not and I’ll add you to the mailing list.


  6. Receive your magazine, this should compliment it.


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