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We rated Canada’s Top 100 dividend stocks to find the best bets to retire on



From the November 2011 issue of the magazine.


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When it’s time to leave the working world, have your investment portfolio provide a regular income so you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle for years to come. That means adding a few good dividend stocks to your portfolio to receive regular cash payments. It doesn’t mean there’s no risk involved, but dividend investors can sleep easier knowing that their stocks are relatively stable.

Our annual Retirement 100 list – Fall 2011 offers insight into Canada’s best income stocks, which we’re proud to say beat the markets’ overall returns since it was started in 2007. In fact, if you had invested in our All-Star stocks four years ago and reinvested the dividends, you would be richer by 39.2% right now.

Read about how well MoneySense‘s Retirement 100 top dividend stocks have done and how MoneySense staff compiled the grades of Canada’s largest dividend stocks.

Learn How to Build the Ultimate Income Portfolio so you will have a growing portfolio and steady stream of income. Consider the pros and cons of preferred shares and whether they’re a good buy for you.

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7 comments on “The Retirement 100

  1. Not sure what to make of this list… You put First Capital Realty with a five-year average annual growth rate of 1.1% ahead of such such popular dividend stocks as Telus and Fortis at 14.3% and 12.4% respectively.


      • Thanks Sarah. Yes, I read your methodology, but if inflation in Canada is always hovering around 3% and a stock only raises it's dividend by 1.1% over 5 years or 0.22% a year, is that dividend payout really going to keep up with inflation?

        First Capital might be a good investment to sell for a capital gain in the future, but wouldn't a stock like Telus with it's 14.3% 5 year growth rate be a better dividend play?

        I was just surprised by your list because every time I have seen a list of top retirement stocks, Fortis and Telus are always near the top of the list. Gordon Pape calls Fortis a "super stock" but you list gives it a B and has it was down the list.


  2. Four of the six stocks fall under the insurance category. Although you might consider these A-grade stocks, isn't it rather risky to be so heavily invested in one sector?


  3. This is my first visit to this site; I am an income investor looking for new tools.

    Is there a way to find ALL Canadian distributions regardless of type, ie not only dividends? For instance IPL.UN has a Distribution of ±6% (41% ROC & 59% Income but no Dividends) & is not showing on your 100 list.


  4. I am looking for whole life coverage..heard from my buddies that bankers life insurance & casualty is good.. have good ones..any opinions?


  5. I am not at all optimistic about the economy and think Life insurances are better deal than dividend stocks. Nice article on retirement planning here.


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