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Home sweet home

Why and how Canadians choose the homes they do.



  • Some 80% of prospective homebuyers know whether a house is for them the moment they cross the threshold, according to a new Pollara survey for BMO. The poll also found Canadians spend on average five months house hunting and visit roughly 10 properties in the process. One-third of current homeowners said they felt rushed into a purchase and their biggest concern was that they’d find something seriously wrong with the house after ink dried. Forty-four per cent said they bought their home because they felt it was a good investment; 37%  said they were motivated to buy because they felt the time was right to get into the market. Another 23% bought because they wanted to move to a new neighbourhood, and 18% bought because their family was expanding.
  • Ready why James Cowan, Deputy Editor of Canadian Business, intends to pay a real estate agent when he finally does sell his home.

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