Average apartment rental rates across Canada

Renters pay just $384/month for a studio apartment in Trois-Rivières



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If you’re looking to rent an apartment for cheap, you may want to visit a scenic riverside city in Quebec.

According to an infographic from rentseeker.ca, Trois-Rivières is one of the urban centres with the lowest average monthly rent price, at $384 for a studio bachelor apartment.

As with owning a home, renting does not come cheap in bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto. The average monthly apartment rental rate for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver, for instance, would cost $1,062 in Vancouver and $1,085 in Toronto.

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The differences between average rent in urban centres vary in cities by the type of apartment. For example, a studio bachelor apartment in Toronto costs $902 a month, more than the $845 in Burlington, Ont. But a two-bedroom apartment in Burlington costs $1,558 to Toronto’s $1,269.

It’s important to keep in mind that the data collected by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation compiles averages from across large cities with varying socio-economic landscapes. The figures for Toronto, for instance, could be skewed by more affordable in parts of the city and/or more costly areas.

apartment rental rates (Rentseeker.ca)

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  1. Nice INFOGRAPH and well presented data on the rental housing market.




  2. Very cool graph and great information – thanks for sharing.



  3. Where are NS and NB?!


  4. Hm, the Atlantic Provinces have been left out (minus St. John’s)t? Do you have info?


  5. Now, this is quite interesting, Thank you for this information. It will really help many of the apartment hunters all over the country. And I must say that the infographic is well designed and presented. It is commendable. I have found this one also, http://rentspot.com/ . I hope it can further help many of us in seeking the place for us.


  6. The stats you have put up are informative but they don’t help someone on a disability pension so they are stuck living in a bigger city in order to be able to see the doctors they require. They need to be in an area where buses are available as well. The biggest problem is you only receive about $500 for rent. All utilities, clothing , food a new personal expenses have to be paid with what’s left. Most people end up with used clothes, furniture store, shoes etc. because they sure can’t afford to buy anything new! Waiting lists for tiny geared to income apartments can run between 5-12 years depending on dependents. Some one needs to come up with more realistic rental costs!


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