Open house: How to cut corners

Would US$2.30 be enough to stage a home for sale? One realtor thinks so



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(Extreme Cheapskates)

(Extreme Cheapskates)

Would you be concerned if your realtor held an open house that cost only US$2.80? What if that same realtor staged the open house with furniture and accessories that were being offered for sale by third-party vendors?

This is what U.S. realtor, Lisa Di Mercurio does—and more. In a clip from the television show Extreme Cheapskates, Di Mercurio explains how she cuts costs—and corners—to try and showcase her client’s homes without breaking a budget. One could even say: It’s a coin purse strategy for staging your home.

For instance, Di Mercurio puts open paint sample jars inside cupboards to give rooms that “freshly painted” smell. Another trick she uses is to microwave cookie batter to give the home that “fresh baked smell.” And to save on staging costs—that easily reach $3,000 or more for a bungalow alone—she invites local furniture and home accessory companies to show and sell their products at the open house. Watch this 2.5-minute clip to see her in action.

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