How to make money from your car

These tips could save you $3,400 a year

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From the December 2015 issue of the magazine.

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With the cost of car ownership rolling in at about $10,000 per year in Canada, it can’t hurt to consider money-making opportunities for your four wheels. No doubt you’ve already heard of Uber, but here are four other clever ways to generate income from your vehicle with little to no inconvenience. Based on our conservative estimates, you could shave more than $3,400 off the annual cost of your vehicle. As always, do your due diligence when entering into any contractual obligations and double-check your insurance liabilities. (And they say cars are bad investments.)

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4 comments on “How to make money from your car

  1. You are going to rent your car to a total stranger for $25.00/ day, GOOD LUCK with that!!
    Also what if they get a $167.00 Multi Nova speeding ticket, or a $388.00 going thru a StopSign Ticket while they a “Renting your Auto” you have to pay those tickets” I can not think of a better way to set yourself up for failure.


  2. The article should have been named “How to make money from your car IF YOU ARE UTTERLY DESPERATE”.


  3. I don’t see anything on the communauto site about renting your own care to the service.


  4. I tried it a year ago. Not a good idea, because after the second time, my car came to repair, which cost me 1,200 pounds…

    Maddison Harper


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