How much to spend on running shoes

The most expensive pair isn’t necessarily the best

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From the June 2015 issue of the magazine.

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All you need is a pair of running shoes to start running today


Running is “the one true democratic sport—all you need are a pair of sneakers,” says Michael Doyle, editor-in-chief of Canadian Running. “That pair should be running sneakers, if you want to do it for a long period of time with no injuries.” Spend under $70 and the shoe may fall apart, as it will likely have a glued-on rubber bottom. Spend more than $200, and you’re paying for cutting-edge technology you don’t need. At $150, you’ll find a “good, everyday trainer,” he says. Shave 50% off by getting last year’s model on sale, and start your search at a specialty store, where they’ll consider the type of running, plus your gait and stride to determine the right match.


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