Is an Otterbox phone case worth the cost?

This case will protect your iPhone against shock, spills and even a dunk in the toilet

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From the January 2016 issue of the magazine.

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Smartphones are smartly designed, with the contoured iPhone 6 series especially fetching—and as prone as ever to instant destruction in our careless hands. The money-conscious have long sucked it up and bought a protective case. The best—the Defender series from Otterbox ($50 to $70)—can protect against shock, spills and even a dunk in the toilet. Though Otterbox is gamely trying out patterns more eye-catching than the traditional primary school colours and “tech-geek black,” their efforts still fall short of the best in smartphone design. But even a bland wrapper is preferable to a cracked screen. What will an Otterbox protect your phone from? Customer testimonials speak of a run-in with an ostrich and a fall from a parachutist’s pocket at 1,300 feet. For all this, we somehow managed to break our older model while trying to pry it open to remove the phone. We weren’t impressed, but called customer service and the rep cheerily arranged a free replacement. Imagine how Apple or Samsung would react if you called up and asked for a new screen.


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