MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio

A whole new strategy that lowers your fees and boosts your returns.



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pfm_GuidePortfolio_Aug2013NEW! Updated for 2013, the MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio is a step-by-step approach to a whole new investing strategy that lowers your fees, boosts your returns and lets you sleep well at night. From MoneySense index investing expert Dan Bortolotti, plus a foreword by Editor Jonathan Chevreau. Buy it wherever MoneySense is sold or order it online here.

The MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio is also available on iTunes for your favourite Apple device, on Amazon for your Kindle and at the Kobo online store.

10 comments on “MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio

  1. Is any of this Guide to a Perfect Portfolio online? I tried to buy a copy of this special issue, but was unable to.


  2. The best investment book after Investor Manifesto by William Bernstein.
    Learn what exactly indexed founds to buy.
    I liked it very much and recommend it for anybody who want to invest.




  3. Where can I buy a hard copy of this in Victoria BC? Thank you.


  4. I’d like to buy the 2013 version but iTunes (Canada) only seems to have the 2012 version available (Same with When will the newer version be available online?


  5. I’m new at this and was wondering if there is a mistake in the fund code in option B of the Global Couch Potato portfolio on page 128. Shouldn’t the code for “TD U.S. Index – I” be TDB661 instead of TDB902? Congratulations for the high quality publications, and as a new reader I look forward to absorbing more content on a regular basis! :-)


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